Press Review: The Metropolist

This is a love story between one man and his puppet. But when the puppeteer is involved in a car crash, the puppet is abandoned and lost. Directed, animated and produced by Anika Schmidt, The Puppet is a silent animated short. It glides its viewer through the narrative using black and white sketches that are then rubbed out and redrawn for the next scene. The effect is often a dreamy and poetic one, at times verging on being poignant.

Source: The Metropolist

Press Review: Neue Szene Augsburg

Unsere Favoriten sind ehrlich gesagt die Brunnenfiguren von hinten, die Anika Schmidt in Öl gemalt hat: Die Faltenwurforgie des Augustus und die stolzen Hintern von Merkur und seinem Kumpel Herkules sind uns so noch nie aufgefallen…

Source: Neue Szene Augsburg